Carrageenan is red seaweed

The majority of this naturally occurring ocean plant is sustainably cultivated on small family farms, primarily off the coast of Southeast Asia and East Africa.


Carrageenan is the conscientious choice

Carrageenan is a soluble fiber and often replaces synthetic and animal-based products. Carrageenan from FMC is certified as both halal and kosher. It is also commonly used in vegetarian and vegan diets and lifestyles.


Carrageenan is safe

An overwhelming body of evidence supports the conclusion that carrageenan is safe and suitable for use in food. It doesn’t cause inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and it’s not a carcinogen. Experts from the World Health Organization placed carrageenan in the best possible category for any food additive.


Carrageenan is hundreds (and hundreds) of years old

Cultures around the world have used the thickener in their kitchens for centuries.


Carrageenan is not poligeenan

Many have confused carrageenan with poligeenan (or what’s known as “degraded carrageenan”). Poligeenan, made by boiling carrageenan in strong acid, is never used in food.