Carrageenan is one of nature’s perfect stabilizers, offering benefits in texture, structure and physical appearance to foods and enabling the delivery of a more indulgent product, even for those food that may have lower calorie, salt, sugar or fat content.

Our carrageenan enables:

  • suspension of chocolate in chocolate milk;
  • a creamy texture in lower fat yogurt;
  • lunchmeat that remains moist and fresh;
  • extension and protection of the nutritional value of protein.

Carrageenan has long been recognized by regulatory bodies around the world as a safe and natural food ingredient. It is approved for use in organic products and is non-GMO, free of gluten and animal fats and is approved for halal, kosher and vegan diets. Further, carrageenan is less expensive and more readily available than alternative ingredients, helping to keep natural and organic foods affordable for consumers.